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Berry Box's second location is coming soon to City Foundry STL

Rebecca Davis

Entrepreneurs everywhere rethought their career paths during the COVID-19 lockdown, and Berry Box owners Dustin and Whitney Cole were no different. While completing the “75 Hard” physical challenge, the pair gaining clarity on their ideal business model. With previous experience in business management, the Coles knew how to run an operation, but this was their first time working in food. Today, you wouldn’t be able to tell: with a bustling Clayton location already in full swing, the team behind Berry Box is excited to spread the love at their new City Foundry STL pop-up.

Though Berry Box came to fruition in 2021, the vision began much earlier. Years of living in Hawaii showcased the power and community around eating cleaner: a lifestyle the couple wanted to bring back and share with St. Louis. “We started talking about ideas, and we've always been into like fitness and eating healthy … we started brainstorming business ideas on outdoor walks every single day,” Dustin Cole says. As they recalled the acai bows, fresh fruit and juices they had island-side, the answer to their next venture came into focus.


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