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Gerard Craft will open Expat BBQ at City Foundry STL in fall 2023

Amanda Bretz

Niche Food Group, the hospitality group from James Beard Award-winning chef Gerard Craft, has announced its latest concept, Expat BBQ, will open this fall at City Foundry STL at 3730 Foundry Way. Expat BBQ will bring globally inspired barbecue that blends flavors from across the globe with U.S. barbecue techniques. 

The concept and the eatery’s name stem from the abbreviated word “expatriate,” which describes a person living outside their home country. The concept aims to embody its name by giving guests the fun and exciting experience they find when exploring different cultures through food while traveling, but without having to leave St. Louis. 

“It is no secret that St. Louis is home to a lot of amazing U.S. barbecue, so we knew that we couldn’t add anything there,” Craft said. “This allows us to give people something they are familiar with, but also make it fun, unique and different.”


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