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Midtown development continues to see growth with plans for new mixed-use site near Armory

Gabriela Vidal

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - The vast growth that has taken shape across the Midtown region in the last few years could be seen as by design.

“The City Foundry was kind of that first, ‘hey look at what’s down, here’,” said Susie Bonwich, the Development Associate for New and Found. “It’s exactly what we wanted is all of this kind of excitement and energy down here, and the amount of people that has come down here is overwhelming.”

New and Found is responsible for the development of the Foundry. Since 2021, the area has transformed into a multi-faceted entertainment and retail space, and phase two of its plans to build hundreds of apartments and retail space is well into construction.

“When we set out with this redevelopment area [in Midtown] six years ago now, really our goal was to create a premier midtown in the united states in the country,” said Brooks Goedeker, who is the Executive Director of the St. Louis Midtown Redevelopment Corporation.


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