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Vivian Green supplies 'Grown folks music' vibe Sunday night at City Winery St. Louis

Danielle Brown

The newly-opened City Winery St. Louis attached to City Foundry STL opened its doors and welcomed the community inside back in March of this year. Since opening the venue known for live entertainment ranging from musical performances to comedy shows and podcasts have been leaving quite the impression on customers. They also serve wine and an assortment of other drinks and food.

Guests sat in a dimly-lit dining room with tables lined up around the room and candles positioned on each table for an intimate groove session of the mature grown folks music Philly native Vivian Green and her band brought Sunday night, July 16, for an hour long show.

Kwame Holland, rapper, producer, DJ and host approached the mic with great energy setting the show off the right way. Kwame also produced Green’s last three albums “Vivid” “VGVI” and her current album “Love Absolute”.


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